Connect with your colleagues during these NORM 2022 symposia!

Tracks and symposia:


General session that will include poster presentations from a wide variety of fields including Biochemistry, Chemical Education, Inorganic, Organic, Physical and Undergraduate Research

Chairs: Martin Lawrence, Matt Queen, Nick Stadie, Sharon Neufeldt, Erik Grumstrup and Mike Mock

Biological Catalysis, Metabolic Networks and Multiomics

Chairs: Ed Dratz and Jennifer DuBois

Bringing Molecules Together--Noncovalent Interactions

Chair: Orion Berryman

Chemical Education Practice and Theory

Chair: Matt Queen

Chemical Insights into Biology

Chair: Mary Cloninger

Environmental Analysis: Inspirations from Nature to the Lab

Chairs: Hunter Fausset, Matt Kania, Katelyn Duncan, George Schaible

Frontiers in Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry

Chairs: Joan Broderick and Will Broderick

Interfacial Catalysis: Dynamics and Reactivity

Chairs: Rob Walker and Erik Grumstrup

Medicinal Chemistry

Chair: Nick Natale

New Frontiers in Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging

Chairs: Erik Grumstrup and Rob Walker

Organic Synthesis and Synthetic Methods

Chair: Matt Cook

Porous Framework Materials and their Applications

Chair: Nick Stadie

Transition Metal and Organocatalysis

Chair: Sharon Neufeldt

Undergraduate Research

Chair: Mike Mock