Friday Afternoon Technical Sessions

30 Jun 2023
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Friday Afternoon Technical Sessions

Porous Framework Materials and Applications [IFP]

This session covers the design, synthesis, characterization, and diverse applications of solid-state materials with open, porous frameworks, including but not limited to zeolites, metal-organic frameworks, covalent organic frameworks, polyaromatic frameworks (crystalline and amorphous), and porous cage molecular crystals.

Chair: Nick Stadie
Location: Inspiration Hall

Structural Biology [B1FP]

This session will focus on biochemical and structural studies utilizing NMR, crystallography, Cryo-EM, 3D modeling or integrative approaches to study structure-function relationships of macromolecules, macromolecular complexes and cellular structure.

Chair: Martin Lawrence
Location: NAH 137

Enzymes and Metalloproteins [B2FP]

Enzymes involved in the carbon cycle hold the potential for addressing some of the most pressing environmental and energy related problems facing our world – from fixing excess atmospheric carbon dioxide to “upcycling” waste polymers like lignin and plastic to enabling high-yielding and greener organic synthetic reactions. This session will focus on fundamental and applied enzymology related to these important problems in carbon chemistry.

Chair: Jen DuBois
Location: NAH 165

Transition Metal Catalysis [OFP]

Catalysis by homogeneous and heterogeneous transition metals enables diverse transformations of organic molecules. This session is appropriate for research including mechanistic investigation, catalyst design, synthetic applications, and methodology development.

Chair: Sharon Neufeldt
Location: SUB C

New Frontiers in Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging [PFP]

This session will highlight the use of spectroscopic and imaging methods to elucidate functionality in molecular and materials systems.

Chair: Rob Walker
Location: SUB D

Workforce Development in Nuclear and Non-Proliferation Applications II [NFP]

This symposium will provide a venue to present progress and development of nuclear materials processing knowledge and capabilities. Topics may include used nuclear fuel recycle schemes as well as nonproliferation.

Chair: Colt Heathman
Location: SUB 233

Elevating Future Chemistry: Recent Advancements Led by Graduate Students [GTA] / [GFP]

This session will focus on graduate students whose research has the potential to advance the chemistry field and contribute to social and economic progress.

Location: SUB 235

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