Friday Morning Technical Sessions

30 Jun 2023
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Friday Morning Technical Sessions

Frontiers in Inorganic Chemistry [IFA]

This session will explore cutting-edge advancements in inorganic chemistry that push the boundaries of the field, making an impact in biochemistry, materials science, energy science, and other areas of chemistry.

Chair: Chris Lemon
Location: Inspiration Hall

Environmental and Biological Applications of Mass Spectrometry [B1FA]

This session will highlight the applications of modern mass spectrometry to pertinent application in environmental and biological science.

Chair: Don Smith
Location: NAH 137

Chemical Insights into Biology [B2FA]

Research emphasizing biological applications of organic chemistry will be presented in this session. Abstracts describing biological applications of organic polymers and macromolecules are especially encouraged.

Chair: Mary Cloninger
Location: NAH 165

Bringing Molecules Together: Noncovalent Interactions [OFA]

This session will generally cover topics of organic chemistry with an emphasis on the noncovalent interactions within the discussed systems.

Chair: Orion Berryman
Location: SUB C

Computational and Theoretical Chemistry [PFA]

Recent advances in theoretical methods and their application to frontier problems in chemistry and biochemistry.

Chair: Martin Mosquera
Location: SUB D

Workforce Development in Nuclear and Non-Proliferation Applications I [NFA]

This symposium will provide a venue to present progress and development of nuclear materials processing knowledge and capabilities. Topics may include used nuclear fuel recycle schemes as well as nonproliferation.

Chair: Amanda Lines
Location: SUB 233

Chemical Education Practice and Theory [EFA]

This session will feature scholarship associated with classroom teaching techniques in the full spectrum of chemical subject matter. In addition to these practical topics we explore theoretical frameworks associated with student chemical learning.

Chair: Matt Queen
Location: SUB 235

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