Thursday Afternoon Technical Sessions

29 Jun 2023
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Thursday Afternoon Technical Sessions

Honoring Joan Broderick [ITA], [ITP]

Speakers from across the nation will be traveling to Bozeman to honor the research achievements of Prof. Joan Broderick, including: Brian Hoffmann (Northwestern), Squire Booker (PSU), Cathy Drennan (MIT), Sean Elliott (Boston U), Chris Chang (UC Berkeley), Michelle Chang (UC Berkeley), Caryn Outten (U South Carolina), Wayne Outten (U South Carolina), Lisa Utschig (Argonne), and Will Broderick (MSU)

Chair: Jen DuBois
Location: Inspiration Hall

Frontiers in Materials Chemistry [MTP]

This session will highlight the development of heterojunctions, nanomaterials, and other functional materials for the use in next generation applications.

Chair: Rick LaDouceur
Location: NAH 137

Organic Process Chemistry: From Bench to Manufacturing [OTP]

Translation and development of synthetic and purification processes from bench scale to chemical manufacturing including downstream.

Chair: Anushree Das
Location: SUB C

NeXus: Generation and Applications of Quantum States of Light [PTP]

Quantum states of light such as single photons and entangled photon pairs are crucial components for emerging applications in quantum computing, communications, and sensing. This session will focus on new developments in solid-state material platforms for creating quantum states of light and using quantum states of light for sensing and optical spectroscopy.

Chair: Nick Borys
Location: SUB D

Analytical and Environmental Chemistry [ATP]

We welcome presentations that investigate the chemical and physical processes of environmental problems using various analytical tools. Studies based on laboratory experiments, field campaigns, and modeling are all welcome.

Chair: Lu Hu
Location: SUB 233

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