Thursday Morning Technical Sessions

29 Jun 2023
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Thursday Morning Technical Sessions

Honoring Joan Broderick [ITA], [ITP]

Speakers from across the nation will be traveling to Bozeman to honor the research achievements of Prof. Joan Broderick, including: Brian Hoffmann (Northwestern), Squire Booker (PSU), Cathy Drennan (MIT), Sean Elliott (Boston U), Chris Chang (UC Berkeley), Michelle Chang (UC Berkeley), Caryn Outten (U South Carolina), Wayne Outten (U South Carolina), Lisa Utschig (Argonne), and Will Broderick (MSU)

Chair: Jen DuBois
Location: Inspiration Hall

Metabolic Networks and Multiomics [B1TA]

Understanding the mechanisms of health and disease are goals frequently pursued in biochemical investigations. Various -omics tools provide some information, but expanding investigations to include multi-omics tools can often provide deeper insights.

Chair: Ed Dratz
Location: NAH 137

Synthetic Methods and Reaction Discovery [OTA]

The topics is this session will encompass the development of new synthetic methods applicable to the preparation of organic molecules and materials. The discovery of new reaction pathways for enabling chemical synthesis will also be emphasized.

Chair: Tom Livinghouse
Location: SUB Ballroom C

Dynamic Catalyst Science and Flexible Chemical Manufacturing [PTA]

Dynamic catalyst science (DCS) uses the response to transients in temperature, concentration, pressure and other system variables to understand how complex catalytic materials control chemical reaction networks. Such experiments can greatly benefit our understanding of flexible chemical manufacturing which strives to create resilience to unexpected operational changes or uses intentional dynamic operation where performance may exceed that of steady-state.

Chair: Rebecca Fushimi
Location: Sub Ballroom D

Applications of Analytical and Radiochemistry for Harsh Environments [NTA]

The ability to detect small quantities of analytes from complex environments such as complex environmental solutions, nuclear reprocessing streams, and related wastes can be challenging. The work presented in this symposium will describe the development of various analytical techniques including electrochemistry, spectroscopy, separation science, and radiochemistry, that are working to resolve these challenges.

Chair: Samuel Bryan
Location: SUB 233

Elevating Future Chemistry: Recent Advancements Led by Graduate Students [GTA] / [GFP]

This session will focus on graduate students whose research has the potential to advance the chemistry field and contribute to social and economic progress.

Location: SUB 235

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