Careers in Industrial Chemistry

Careers in Industrial Chemistry

Workshop. Identifying Your Role in the Industrial Value Chain offers an overview of the job market and job types for industrial chemistry. Participants will also learn how the industrial value chain can be used as a tool to help refine your job search in alignment with your strengths and values. The course will also help uncover key components of job descriptions and participants will learn how to break down job descriptions to best match job opportunities with their experience, strengths, and values.

Networking: How to get Started

Workshop. Utilize networking to enhance your job search. Participants will also learn which types of questions to create a natural flow in a networking conversation. The course will also help you create a networking plan to locate and obtain your ideal job in the federal government.

Trust in Science Workshop

Workshop. Join ACS President Judy Giordan as she hosts the Trust in Science Workshop, aimed at ensuring ACS members are a trusted voice for science and scientists, equipped with the tools to advocate for this trust with all people–both those trained in science and those who are not.